Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ljubljana running at pace

Yesterday I felt great. My journalist friend, an undercover marathoner, and I set off on a 10 mile run at about 7pm. We headed off in the direction of Roznik. About two miles into our run, we were hit by a downpour. At first it bothered me, but slowly the rain started to feel good on my face. It was helping me stay cool though I did worry about my wet sneakers, which were soaked and started to feel heavy. Adding weight to my feet put additional pressure on my knees, and my right knee started to hurt. It's been bothering me slightly still today. Coming off Roznik, we headed in the direction of the Mons hotel, and linked-up with the foot path that encircles Ljubljana -- the sign to look for is POT, which in Slovenian means path. We picked up our pace at mile 6. By mile 7 we were doing 7 minute-a-mile intervals. Well into the runner's high, we pushed harder. Unfortunatey my iPod-Nike pedometer stopped working; it was probably an issue with it being tucked into my shorts instead of gripped to my arm. Once we started heading back towards Ljubljana city center, my stomach was severely upset. I felt like throwing up. It was all the "student food" (a mix of nuts and raisins) I had 1h before the run, and the not-so-good slice of pizza. Eating so close to running doesn't work for me, especially when running at pace. But having company on the run made it easier to push through. It took me all night to get my stomach back in shape, and hydration became an issue as well - my stomach wouldn't allow anything in. I was even thinking of going to the ER to get one of those IV drips hooked up just so I could get hydrated. Instead, I went to my parent's house and went to sleep. I woke up today feeling a lot better and drank a full liter of water first thing in the morning.

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